Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Block Printing 102 - Registration

A huge thank you out to Steve M, a friend with extensive knowledge of the commercial printing industry, who this past weekend, in five minutes and with a two-inch sketch, totally took the mystery out of creating a pin-based registration system for use in my block printing experimentation. The examples above have between 5-10 impressions each and the registration was effortlessly spot on.

Next up will be "Unleashing the Secret of Thin, Transparent Ink." A good starting place would be the moment I realized, after struggling with ink coverage, that that I am using opaque ink and to get it transparent I'll need something called extender. Probably, I should pick up a tube of yellow ink as well. Trying to mix colors using gold in its place has yielded some interesting, yet slightly too metallic, results.

Updated once I saw the image next the title block:
The background from the title block is a section of a pastel I did a couple of years ago...two years later, different medium and almost the exact same color combination. One of these days I need to throw some other colors into the mix. It is fairly obvious which colors I reach for first, time after time. No wonder I have yet to buy yellow ink.
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. And what fun you are having! This has the promise of becoming your next best thing.
What I like the best about those prints is, I think, the fact they they have motion and the trees are just parts of the whole. It makes them very mysterious. That and of course the you.
Bring a print for me when you visit, please.
My first comment was mush longer but it ended up circling in space somewhere.