Thursday, February 4, 2010

And Now, Something Completely Different

So, I'm not even sure where to begin with this one. I could begin with a description of the proofs I pulled today at the Dayton Printmakers Co-Op on my second trip there. I could talk about the Co-Op, but that needs pictures (blog post soon to come). Or I could start with how I got there in the first place, because thinking your days are numbered can lead to an interesting carpe diem story. Or about how wonderful the idea sounded to me of belonging to this Co-Op when my printmaking professor talked about it in 1987, and that 1987 was the last time I used a press or stepped foot inside a print shop. Or even why 1987 was the first and last time I used a press or stepped foot inside a print shop, which would be a tale of misdirected youth and bad life decisions.

The fact is, I am a little overwhelmed with all of it right now. I know that a year and half ago I brought a brayer and some ink into a classroom of 4th graders for project when I used to volunteer for an art program. I know that the second I put that brayer into the ink something connected. The sound. The smell. The tension of it against the ink. Magic. Life has not been the same since that moment.

When I took that Printmaking 101 class 23 years ago, something clicked and I knew it appealed to all my senses, and I knew I had a passion for it, but at 19 years old I had no idea what that term even meant. Now I know, and I often start to wonder if I I have just wasted 23 years of my life doing commercial artwork when I could have been fulfilling that passion. I like to think that everything I've done to this point was just training for where I am now.

A printmaker. Maybe.


Nighthawk said...

Of course it has all been part of the path...........think about how each thing lead to another and know that if any of those steps were missing you would not be where you are now...............(I want to hear more about the shop:))
Your enthusiasm for your projects has always been delightful.

MAGPRINTOriginalPrints said...

Printmaker. Definitely.

Bette Norcross Wappner -- said...

Funny how life paths can return full circle almost. But it is about the journey and putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. Sounds like you've found your "aha moment". I'm an x-graphic designer, too, and have heard of so many of us growing up to be printmakers!