Sunday, March 22, 2009

Last Night's Prints, This Morning

So, I've noticed that there are quite a few printmakers who post pictures of their prints laid out drying. I get it now. It's kind of satisfying to see them all lined up, after the care and attention that's been given to each one. These have been reduced twice and have had around 6-10 impressions apiece, and this is just the background.

I've also noticed that with most of the other reduction prints I've seen spread out like this, the prints are all the same. I think picking out a color combination and sticking with it for the whole edition is supposed to be part of the whole goal of this printmaking process. I don't know, but I don't think that's for me. I like random. I think when I look at mine, I like them all to be different, each special and unique in its own way.

The next step in this one will be a lot of carving, before I get back to printing again. And, if this next printing phase goes like my previous tries, I'll lose about five of these twelve little colorful gems to careless errors or poor color choices. But at least now I'll have this image to remember them by, and the promise they all once held.


Bette said...

lovely photo of beautiful background prints :)

starkeyart said...

Thanks, Bette!

Nighthawk said...

that looks very interesting....looking forward to seeing where you go with this

aine scannell said...

Pleased to meet you Andrea (via FB) and I have the feeling I have come across your artwork in the past. Well done on your recent awards - its so good to receive recognition for ones ongoing creative work.

I too love a site such as this and mmm I also like to do differing versions rather than the edition all looking the same.